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Actually it was going to be a bunch of ‘OCs as mmo classes with this being a black mage but i guess it ties in with halloween

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know the real enemy to anime

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{X} Can we seriously talk about how awesome Mark handled that guy coming towards him? Mark was seriously uncomfortable with this guy (It was a prank, this guy was no real threat to Mark but he didn’t know that), the guy admitted to taking Mark’s phone number from some paperwork Mark filled out to go to this ‘shoot’. Mark realized that the guy had access to his social security number too. 

Mark was extremely uncomfortable. But, when this ‘fan’ came at him as fast as he did Mark took a defensive stance and firmly said “No. Stop.” he didn’t get violent and he didn’t turn and run. And in the video, Mark holds that stance until the ‘fan’ is visibly being taken away from him. 

This is pretty much the definition of I AIIIIIIIINNN’T HAVIN THAT SHIT.

I’d also like to add this nice little comment

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[makes an oc] my greatest work. i love them so much. they’re literally the best oc i’ve ever ma [makes another oc] my greatest work. i love them so much. they’re literally the best oc i’ve ever ma [makes another oc] my greate

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i really hope clara is here to stay tho o<-< im enjoying her a lot more than amy after she’s finally getting some damn character development and for her to leave right when she’s getting fleshed out would kill me

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it’s kinda super sad how i can tell when an episode isn’t written by moffat when the characters show reasonable empathy and concern for each other :/

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people who use the xD face are still naive and full of life. they are happier than us. do not rain on their parade

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wake up america

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